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2017 Carbonic Syrah

deLanda Vineyard

2017 Carbonic Syrah
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Carbonic maceration is a way of fermenting red wine that differs from the standard, yeast-fueled fermentation. By placing whole bunches of grapes in a sealed vat filled with carbon dioxide, the oxygen-starved fruit will release naturally present enzymes. These enzymes perform a similar function to yeast, breaking sugars down into alcohol. Essentially, during carbonic maceration, alcoholic fermentation begins inside the grape itself. As soon as the pressure builds up enough inside each grape, the grape explodes releasing the partially fermented juice onto the grape's skins where its native yeast sits. This completes the fermentation of sugar into alcohol.

Cool, right?

Making wine in this style isn't new, but it is definitely exciting! Carbonic Maceration was the main method of making wine in Rioja hundreds of years ago and is still used today in Beaujolais, France. Wines made in this style see very little grape skin contact, the most notable effects are lower tannins and lighter color. The process also affects acidity, since the grapes’ enzymes also break down sharp malic acid while they convert sugar into alcohol. Thus, many of these wines are lively, refreshing, and easy-drinking without being overly tart.

Varietal: 100% Oganic Syrah
Vineyards: 100% deLanda Estate
Fermentation: Carbonic Maceration, NO SULFITES ADDED
Residual Sugar: None
Aging: 7 months in a neutral French oak barrel 
Cases Produced: ONLY 24!


Wine Specs
Los Olivos District
Alcohol %