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2021 Fata Morgana Pét Nat

2021 Fata Morgana Pét Nat
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Fata Morgana (or Morgan the fairy, in English) was the medieval badass goddess of Avalon. Myth has it that she was responsible for creating illusions of mystical fairy castles on the horizon line above deserts and oceans. While today we know these illusions as the "Mirage" caused by the atmosphere, we like to believe that she and her fairy castles are still out there somewhere. Famous for the duality of her character with both a potential for good and evil, Fata Morgana would often mess with the quests of the knights of the round table, ultimately deciding their fate. This skin fermented pet-nat is the embodiment of Fata Morgana and her Gemini-like character.

The Fata Morgana pet-nat is light and fresh, yet grips the palette with tannins intermixed with fizz. Unfined and unfiltered, it has a hazy light golden color that glows in the sunshine. This pet nat is bone dry with delightful acidity and aromas of lemon custard, white peach, and nectarines. Notes of pixie sticks, petrichor, peach crumble and textures of sand dunes, sweet tarts, and stucco. Try pairing with oysters, ramen, beach picnics, down tempo funk music, abstract expressionism, and dismantling the patriarchy. The Fata is as natural as it gets, nothing but organic grapes. No Sulfites added.     

Produced using the Petillant Natural or Ancestrale method, we capture the juice in bottle before primary fermentation finishes and open it up (disgorge) 3 months later to remove some of the yeast lees.  The residual C02 from the finishing fermentation results in totally natural bubbly.  The wine is resealed with a crown cap inviting you to drink and share these fresh bubbles immediately!  

Varietal: 50% Grüner Veltliner, 50% Riesling
Vineyards: Grüner- Spear Vineyards, Riesling - Coquelicot Estate
Farming: Certified Organic
Fermentation: Co-fermented in stainless steel, native yeast only, no added sulfur  
Residual Sugar: None
Aging: Bottled before fermentation finished, disgorged after 3 months
Cases Produced: 30 

Artwork: Zevin deLaski 

Wine Specs
Grüner Veltliner/Riesling
Santa Ynez Valley
Alcohol %